1. How can Mogtra Promotions help me out in making the right logo for my business?

We have a team of professional art workers & graphic designers in our digitizing department to craft   the most customized apparel pieces at competitive prices.  We also feel pride in accepting embroidery files provided by our clientele and conduct quality checks.

  1. How can I get a product catalog?

To get access to our catalogue stream, simply click on the “Catalog Request” option on our within our website or simply drop at our mentioned email address details. Make sure to provide all your contact & shipping info.

  1. How to reach my assigned customer service delegate?

Please contact at our official number mentioned on our webpage & press”0” for operator assistance or “1” for customer service. This will connect you directly to the customer service POD team, looking after your account.

  1. How about general queries on pricing, product availability, etc?

Simply, you can dial up to our Customer Service Group via same contact details and press “1” to for product pricing and availability query.  Furthermore, you can also check for the pricing schedule mentioned on our website and product availability details under “Inventory” section on the product pages of the website.

  1. Where to go for my sales support queries like, quotes on large orders, product suggestions, custom garment design etc.?

Please call us & you will be directed to our Sales Representative for all sales support items. In case you aren’t sure of who is your Sales Representative then call our customer service group at 800-221-0020 and press “1”.

  1. How do I determine my right apparel size?

Please have a look at our Size Chart page.

  1. What is your International shipping rule?

Many foreign products imported in to the US cannot be exported to other countries. Here comes in the responsibility of customer to check with their freight forwarder to verify foreign documentation necessities and confirm items to be exported will be released by customs at the final destination. Mogtra Promotions won’t be in any case liable for clearance issues if any of our products into the destine country.

  1. Is Mogtra Promotions available for embroidery?

All our products come with a blank or custom embroidery version.  Our designers specialize in delivering creative logo development as well as a broad namedrop library. Contact us  via email to get more  detailed information.

  1. Does Mogtra Promotions offer Laser Etching & Applique printing?

Yes, we do offer that. You can check our product page for further embroidery option details & it’s going to be most innovative for sure .

Our laser applique produces multi-colored inscription and logo designs with clear-cut points

  1. What is the return policy?

Our return policy is of 45days & no any returns would be entertained after the afore mentioned time span. There will be a restocking fee of 20% on blank goods returned within 45 days. Spec samples are not to be refunded.