Terms & Conditions

Prior to becoming our business partners, we would appreciate you to go through our terms & conditions policy first. These terms & conditions apply to the use of this entire website along with every order placement, purchase, fulfillment and delivery of products from ‘Mogtra Promotions’. Please review each statement carefully before placing your order.

  • Privacy Statement
  • Non-Disclosure Design Policy
  • Clothing Marketing Policy
  • Your Consent
  • Delivery Charges
  • Cancellation of order
  • Delivery Delays
  • Refund Rule
  • Turnaround Time Policy
  • Delays in Production
  • High- Quality Product line
  • Minimum Order Size
  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Devoted Customer Service


Privacy Statement

Securing your privacy needs is our priority.  Only our inter-official employees are the people allowed to have access to the corporate data gathered from the customers, visitors & or any third party but only on a need- to-know thumb rule. We believe in performing monthly test checks of ours systems, data  & back end privacy procedures to guarantee 100% transparency when it come to information protection for our customers & clients . No any third party can have access to our data & we mean it. We have standard set rules & we are very rigid in that.

Under certain law enforcement conditions, we are though; legally bound to share certain personal information sets like, corporate information.

Non-Disclosure Design Policy

To have you as our customer is something, not in any way lesser than a blessing of God.  We pride ourselves in being the core choice of our patrons & with such beautiful trust placed, we believe in providing superior yet competitive customer service than anyone else. Our customer & potential clients can browse through our portfolio of previous work samples presented on our website, all the way for them to let us know more closely & witness our friendly yet creative work dynamics.

However, we can remove it from the website on special request notes, if any of our clients don’t want us to disclose their designs, but for doing that the customer must meet the criteria of our premium client membership with maximum order placement.

Clothing Marketing Policy

With the clients & corporate growth being our mutual success path, we offer a variety of mechanized methods to endorse our customer’s business values & revenues! We actively participate in conducting client referrals for our valuable partners to help them in reaching out their customers by doing live promotional activities from time to time, like their Clothing Brand Name and other Contact fine points publically displayed on our website.

Your Consent

By becoming our business & website partners, you consent to the data gathering, use & disclosure of this information by us.  If we ever plan to alter our privacy policy, we will let you know those changes via posting on this page, in order to keep you crystal clearly aware of what information we assemble, how we use it and under what conditions we are bound to reveal it.

Delivery Charges

DHL, FedEX and Sky net Courier globally are our main delivery partners to gift away the most well- timed & effortless product delivery for our customers.

Delivery options Arrival zones
DHL and FedEX Priority mail 4 to 5 days
DHL Parcel Post ·         2 weeks to arrive within USA or Canada.

·         2-3 weeks to HI and AK.

Additionally, we also feel pride in using different courier service options that best compliments the desired delivery location for our valuable customers.

Cancellation of Order

You have every right to cancel an order within 3 days once the payment is finished. Please let it be very clear that ‘Mogtra Promotions’ are manufacturers of custom made apparels based upon your mentioned specs therefore, if the piece of clothing that you have ordered has passed the 3 days time span & has been sent for fabrication then a cancellation fee of 40% would be applied over the order.

For immediate order cancellation queries or process, please feel free to email us at: sales@mogtrapromotions.com with all the product particulars, invoice number, date and cancellation details or simply click on the tab of “Contact us” mentioned on our website for better assistance. We will surely get back to you within 2 business days with response about the state of production of your order and whether or if any cancellation charges will apply.

Once the ordered products have been delivered to your doorstep or are in shipment to you from ‘Mogtra Promotions’, then it can’t be cancelled in anyway. This is due to the fact that all of our products are custom-made as per your valuable details provided.

If customer is unable reply or consent any sample e-mailed/sent to him within 1 month, their order will be automatically canceled, yet they will be able to receive their order amount credited with us after subtraction of set up fee, depending upon the progress of that order.

Delivery Delays

It is our customer’s job to provide complete set of contact details including address, Zip /postal Code & contact numbers to us for smooth delivery. Make sure that if you are providing the contact details of any other person then the nominated individual must be present there to sign the order received at the time of delivery. ‘Mogtra Promotions’ won’t be in any case liable for any damage or misplacement of goods. We are also not accountable if any delivery failure incident occurs due to any incorrect address or missing details provided by you.

It’s our responsibility to select the best courier partner service for your order placement as per your location but once the order has been dispatched we take no added liability for any not on time or missing deliveries.

Refund Rule

‘Mogtra Promotions’ promises to supply its customers with only rigorous quality-controlled goods without exemption as per the company quality standards. We simply follow what our customers say at the time of order with any changes if occurred during manufacturing will be get communicated to our customer on hand. We DONOT accept any returns or refunds for any tailored goods at all once they have been dispatched & shipped.

Turnaround Time Policy

Our turnaround time commences right from the day you approve your order with the order summary receipt that will be sent out to you within 24 hours of your payment fee. Customers are requested to go through the order summary thoroughly, as no further changes can be made into it once it has been passed on to our production division.

Delays in Production

Our apparel production all depends upon the inter-departmental communication that is kept in align with the relationship manager at ‘Mogtra Promotions ‘. Due to certain issues like, the   fabric availability and seasonal moves, production can be late. The estimated time given to our customers on average is of 20 Business days but usually, the order do not take that much long to get completed, however we will be in constant communication line up with you all the way  through the production  process and notify you of the delays from time to time.

High- Quality Product line

Customer suggestions & feedback are testament to the high quality of ‘Mogtra Promotions‘products. We are celebrating years of success by constantly coming up with materials & manufacturing ideas with our ex –products & technique optimization.

Minimum Order Size

We aren’t the players with pesky minimum order quantity issues. We bet on this! You can order with as low as 24 pcs with us.

Efficient Manufacturing

Sophisticated yet effective production mechanics to deliver timely results.

Devoted Customer Service

You come first.